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Thin Strong Corrugated Aluminum Oxide

We are most familiar with aluminum oxide as corundum, a crystalline mineral. Corundum, combined with various impurities, form the gemstones ruby and sapphire. Many forms of aluminum oxide are considered to be ceramics, with typical characteristics of being hard, brittle and good insulators. University of Pennsylvania researchers have discovered that by using atomic layer deposition […]

Thin Flexible Solar Cells Can Be Applied Anywhere

A new kind of “metal sandwich” made of nickel and silicon dioxide allows the creation of thin film solar cells that can be peeled off their substrate and stuck onto just about any surface. If this technique can be exanded to thin film electronics in general, it will open up a new field of products. […]

Sensitive Synthetic Skin

Two research teams working independently (one from Stanford and one from UC Berkeley) have created prototypes of artificial human skin that are extremely sensitive. Both techniques use a thin rubber surface with an electronic substrate that can measure changes in electrical properties that result from pressure. The Stanford team used a dielectric thin film and […]

Solar Pyrite Nanocrystals

Thin film and nanocrystal solar cells are pushing the edge of photovoltaics, but are often constructed using a silicon base doped with various forms of cadmium, tellurium, indium and other elements that push costs up. A substance that is abundant, cheap and has the right optical properties could produce an inexpensive solar cell. Iron sulfide […]

Printed Supercapacitor

Supercapacitors that can be printed on a flexible substrate similar to paper or cloth fabric can be used in place of conventional batteries in a variety of new applications. A New Way to Create a Super Capacitor – [] Silk screen printing is a familiar process used to print T-shirts, stickers, textiles and circuit boards. […]