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Haptic Clothing

Haptic technology is a way of providing tactile sensory input or feedback to enhance an experience. It is often integrated with virtual environments or augmented reality technologies. A simple form is the way game controllers vibrate to create a sensation connected with an event in the game. Haptics are being integrated into many areas besides […]


Claytronics is a concept that combines nanotechnology and modular programmable robotics to create what is also called programmable matter, programmable grit, dynamic physical rendering or synthetic reality. Very small components, called claytronic atoms or catoms, have the ability to move and morph into shapes controlled by a communications network. Claytronics-Discovery Channel Feature – [youtube.com] Discovery […]

NASA Robonaut

NASA has been developing a robotic device that can function as an avatar for an astronaut, offering extravehicular telerobotic and telepresence capability. The astronaut will be able to operate the robot from inside the space station and perform “human-like” tasks using the robots hands and arms and sensors. The robonaut will be able to perform […]


The Personal Robotics Group at MIT is working on prototype of a telepresence robot that adds non-verbal social gestures to it’s communication ability. It can simulate hand gestures and head movement (such as nodding for “yes” or turning the head back and forth for “no”) that enhance the sense of interpersonal connection. MeBot – [mit.edu] […]

TF Skin

Tactile Feedback (TF) skin is more commonly known as “touchy-feely” skin. As nanotechnology based artificial skins became more sophisticated and thinner, two way tactile communications has become a basic feature. When nano responsive skins were first being developed, most of the early functions involved basic hygiene; specifically the breathing and moisture control needed for long […]

Texas Alpha Robots

Willow Garage produces open source software and hardware for personal robotic applications. In the course of their development efforts they found the need for telepresence collaboration and naturally looked to their robot resources. The result is their “Texas Robot” project. Think of a multimedia station, including display, camera, speaker, microphone and a variety of communication […]

Ambient Intelligence

Ambient Intelligence describes a situation where many interconnected electronic devices that surround an individual can respond to their needs with personalized information and may even be able to make deductions about the current state of the person and adapt in real time. It can also imply some collective analysis and response by the devices creating […]


Telepresence started out pretty much as video conferencing, but has already expanded far beyond that and is now beginning to use robots as surrogates for telepresence operations. The combination of robotic movement and sensors with ever advancing telecom ability holds great promise for tele-commuting jobs and remote operations and interactions in many forms. As robotic […]