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Awareness of Information Security

Awareness of a problem is always one of the first prerequisites to finding a solution. In everyday life, many people are grossly unaware of many threats around them. Technology always amplifies things and that happens without discrimination or moral clauses. It amplifies both good and bad. It can make our information more safe and less […]

The Infrastructure of a Smart City

Cities have always been built around and are dependent upon their infrastructure. Most early cities were built next to rivers or bodies of water. Water is needed for drinking and growing food and cleaning. Clay and rocks were used as construction materials, so proximity to sources that supplied them was a priority. Energy has always […]

Human Potential

Potential is about the possibilities of unrealized ability. It is about conceptualizing new combinations of existing functions that will create new ability. The combinations can come in many different forms, including: ideas, actions, collaborations, and more. Human potential is going through some radical changes and is likely to continue accelerating for the near future at […]

Technology Continues to Make Jobs Obsolete

The American folktale of John Henry tells of a race between a man and a steam powered machine driving steel stakes into rock. John Henry beat the machine, but then died from the heroic effort. In the movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the HAL 9000 computer system, afraid of being turned off, decided to turn […]

Defining the Singularity

Considering what changes the singularity is bringing is difficult because by nature, a singularity defines a threshold beyond which lies limited vision or understanding. However, there are some common sense assumptions that we can make regarding the singularity based on the conditions that predict it. The rate of change of technological development and of increasing […]

1855 – vacuum tube

Heinrich Geissler and Julius Plucker use Geisslers new mercury vacuum pump to evacuate the atomosphere inside a glass tube. Plucker, a young professor at the University of Bonn, discovered that a glowing stream could be produced when electricity was passed through electrodes embedded in the glass tubes and that the stream responded to a magnet. […]