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Complex Order From Simple Interactions

“Emergence” is when simple components interact in simple ways but more complex properties, processes, and behavior emerge that were not part of the original pieces or their properties and behavior. Complexity emerges spontaneously in natural systems around us all the time. Ant colonies, birds flocking, chemical interactions, crystallization, traffic flow, and the automata from the […]

Cheap Kilobot Swarms

Kilobots are small, cheap robots that move around on their slender stick-like legs by vibrating them. It takes about five minutes to build one and each once costs only $14. They are currently powered by small lithium-ion batteries which can supply a charge for three hours. Each Kilobot transmits an infrared light which allows other […]

Cellular Automata

John Conway’s “Game of Life” involves simple patterns of cells on a grid that modify and reproduce themselves according to rules regarding their neighboring cells. At times, the rules and patterns can combine to create interestingly complex results that appear to grow and evolve. This is a simple example of cellular automata. Cellular automata can […]

Swarm Intelligence

Swarm intelligence is the process used by groups of organisms or systems or agents to self organize into collective behavior that exhibits some level of intelligent activity. Swarms of insects often seem to act as an intelligent whole, even though the actual intelligence level of each bug is observed to be quite low. Most versions […]