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How Ethics Works

How Ethics Works

Ethics is the consideration of what action is the best. This can be fairly straightforward when we only consider ourselves and there aren’t any significant unknown factors. But even under these restrictions, an ethical analysis can become complex. Consider this scenario: We can travel for one day to a location where there is one gallon […]

Balance in Ethics

Individualism is a philosophy that emphasizes the individual. Collectivism is a philosophy that emphasizes the group. Ethics is the process of analyzing and determining what is the best action to be taken. We know that best actions often focus on the individual and often also include groups. The key is to find the correct balance. […]

AI Challenge – Ants

The Ants – AI Challenge allows contestants to create small programs that control a group of ants that are in competition with other groups of ants. You can control how the ants explore the map, avoid collisions, gather food, spawn and attack enemies. Once you have a strategy encoded, your ant colony can compete against […]

General Applied Ethics

Considering ethical valuations; how to define ethical components, how to measure ethical value, how to predict outcomes, how to balance the combined valuations – these things are worth the effort of learning and advancing our ability to handle them well. But we also have a need to apply them routinely in our lives and to […]