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Making Metallic Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the simplest atom, composed of a single proton in the center and a single electron around the edge. We think of it in a natural form as a gas, but at low temperatures (-423 F) it will liquefy. Once it’s in liquid form, adding a lot of pressure (5 million atm) can force […]

Superconductor Basics

When we push electrons through most conductors, there is resistance from other electrical fields that slows down the transmission of the electrical current and creates heat. In some materials, the electrons clump together in pairs (Cooper pairs) and move with reduced resistance. These materials are called superconductors and they are most effective at low temperatures […]

Algorithm Discovers New Superconductor

In nature, random genetic variations produce results that are sorted by survival. Over time, the best working variations reproduce more often, creating the process we call evolution. Evolutionary algorithms follow the same concept, trying small variations to advance the solution of a problem. An evolutionary algorithm designed to predict stable crystal structures has discovered a […]

Reconfigurable Spacecraft

This describes a concept of building spacecraft using “flux pinned interfaces” (FPI) that make the spacecraft easily reconfigurable. Flux pinning is the process of maintaining structural integrity by using superconductors and magnetic fields to create “non-contacting virtual structures”. Flux-Pinned Spacecraft – [] (at Cornell Univ.) The effective stiffness and damping of a flux-pinned connection […]