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FutureGrid is a high speed network connected to clusters of high performance computers and linked to Teragrid. TeraGrid is the worlds largest distributed cyber-infrastructure that integrates high performance computers, data resources and experimental facilities. While TeraGrid is designed to provide computing resources, FutureGrid is oriented toward developing tools and technologies. What is FutureGrid? – [teragrid.org] […]

1M VMs

Sandia computer scientists successfully boot one million Linux kernels as virtual machines – [sandia.gov] Computer scientists at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, Calif., have for the first time successfully demonstrated the ability to run more than a million Linux kernels as virtual machines. The achievement will allow cyber security researchers to more effectively observe behavior […]

Mathematica Grid

Wolfram Mathematica allows you to model and visualize mathematical algorithms. It integrates a computational engine, graphics, a programming language, and an interface to a wide variety of external tools. It includes access to a very large set of mathematical and engineering functions. The Mathematica Grid system now extends this computational power across many systems using […]



The National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) is part of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee that is run by the Department of Energy (DOE). The function of the NCCS is to provide state of the art high-performance computing resources for scientific research. The center hosts the “Jaguar” supercomputer which is based on Cray XT4 […]

Grid Appliance

Grid Appliance is a virtual appliance (a virtual machine system application) that enables grid computing across multiple hardware platforms using an IPOP virtual network and Condor grid scheduling software. The software is linux based, open source and runs on VMWare workstation, player or server. VirtualBox and KVM images are also supported. The appliance can be […]

Blue Waters is a “peta-scale” supercomputer

Blue Waters is a “peta-scale” supercomputer, … designed to deliver sustained performance of more than one petaflop. (1 quadrillion calculations per second)