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0010 – Heron – bio

Heron was born around 0010 and was a Greek mathematician, engineer and inventor who lived in Alexandria, Egypt when it was a province of the Roman Empire. He designed the first known simple steam engine (the aeolipile or Hero’s engine), the first vending machine, a wind powered organ, a water displacement pump (fire engine pump), […]

1712 – atmospheric engine

In 1712, Thomas Newcomen improved on Savery’s miner’s friend by adding a piston driven by a rod, which was probably designed early by Dennis Papin. Newcomen applied Papin’s design into a working industrial engine which he called the “atmospheric engine”. PRECURSOR: miner’s friend CONCURRENT: Papin SUBSEQUENT: Watt

1698 – miner’s friend

In 1698 Thomas Savery patented a steam powered pump which he called “the miner’s friend” because it was intended to help pump water out of mines. He may have copied the design from a previously published book by Edward Somerset. The device had no piston and almost no moving parts, working through the expansion and […]

1769 – steam engine

The first primitive steam engines were invented by Thomas Savery and Thomas Newcomen and used to pump water from mines. In 1769, James Watt filed a patent for his improvements to the design of the steam engine which included; oil lubrication, insulation of the cylinder, and a separate condensing chamber. These improvements greatly increased the […]