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Detecting Advanced Alien Civilizations Won’t Be Easy

Astronomers have suggested that advanced alien civilizations that generate and use energy on a large scale would also produce waste heat that can be detected from a distance. Since modern astronomy can’t detect such heat signatures, they conclude that such civilizations don’t exist. Since a waste heat signature can be detected by our primitive technology, […]

Inflatable Space Habitats

Self-deploying inflatable space living modules have been being designed by NASA engineers since the 1960s. A light weight collapsible package that can create a space lifeboat like module simply by inflating it with some gas has many advantages over lifting more rigid construction materials out of the gravity well and then assembling them. While an […]

Solar Radiation Shield

Ion Shield for Interplanetary Spaceships Now a Reality British scientists invent “mini-magnetosphere” to protect astronauts during solar storms. Space travel during a solar storm just became a little less risky. UK scientists working at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford and the universities of York and Strathclyde have tested a “mini-magnetosphere” enveloping a model spacecraft in […]