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We Need More Space Stations

While the Wright brothers were working on their primitive flying platform at Kitty Hawk, other inventors were doing the same thing. Ten years later, the Avro 504 fighter was being mass produced for World War I. Within five years, almost 9,000 were produced. Construction on the International Space Station began in 1998 and the first […]

Planet Earth Seen From Space

Jeff’s Earth – 4K – [youtube.com] The first time you see Planet Earth from space, it’s stunning; when you’ve spent 534 days in space—more than any other American—it still is! On his most recent trip the International Space Station NASA astronaut Jeff Williams used an Ultra High Definition video camera that he pointed at the […]

“A Beautiful Planet” – an IMAX film

A Beautiful Planet IMAX® Trailer – [youtube.com] The IMAX release of A Beautiful Planet will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® and An IMAX 3D Experience®. For more info visit: http://abeautifulplanet.imax.com/

Space Station Flyover Time Lapse

Earth time lapse 2015, International Space Station, ISS, fly over, Orbit – [youtube.com] International Space Station Flyover in HD, compilation NASA footage. All footage captured during Jan/Feb 2015. All footage courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Centre. Links to original footage found at http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/ Post Production After Effects and […]

“Gravity” the movie trailer

Gravity – [warnerbros.com] This movie depicts the catastrophic results of high velocity space debris hitting objects like the space station and the space shuttle.

3D Printers Tested in Zero-G

For the first time, 3D printers have been tested in a zero-gravity environment. MADE IN SPACE successfully completed two suborbital flights that tested several 3D printers through a series of zero-gravity parabola maneuvers. 3D Printers Tested in Zero-G – [madeinspace.us] ELLINGTON FIELD, TX – July 28, 2011 – MADE IN SPACE, a start-up dedicated to […]

Printing Space Habitats

3D printers work by extruding materials in patterns and building up layers of the material into three dimensional objects. The greatest cost of building structures in space is simply lifting the mass of the materials up out of the gravity well we live in. If materials to build with can be provided in space without […]

Inflatable Space Habitats

Self-deploying inflatable space living modules have been being designed by NASA engineers since the 1960s. A light weight collapsible package that can create a space lifeboat like module simply by inflating it with some gas has many advantages over lifting more rigid construction materials out of the gravity well and then assembling them. While an […]

Commercial Space Lift

The future of space exploration comes in three stages: space lift – escaping the gravity well, whether by brute force impulse rocket or space elevator or some other means space habitats – space stations, space hotels, space colonies, living environments space vehicles – vehicles designed to move through space with little or no gravity have […]



A habitat is a living environment. Space habitats can be any structure designed to support living in space and are often called, space stations, space colonies, space settlements, or space cities. Space Settlements – [NASA] spreading life throughout the solar system “I know that humans will colonize the solar system and one day go beyond.” […]