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“Star Of Epiphany” sci-fi novel published

My first novel, “Star Of Epiphany” has been published. It is a science fiction story about Earth being threatened by a giant comet and how humanity reacts to the need to evacuate the planet. https://www.amazon.com/Star-Epiphany-Omar-Fink-ebook/dp/B07RGCC8SW/

“STAR OF EPIPHANY” sample chapter

Here is the first chapter of my new science fiction novel, “STAR OF EPIPHANY”. The entire novel will be published soon on Amazon. Enjoy: “STAR OF EPIPHANY SAMPLE CHAPTER1-APR01 (PDF file)”

Living In The Asteroid Belt – part 3 – Getting There

Previous articles in this series: 1-INTRODUCTION 2-GEOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY GETTING THERE Rockets that use chemical reaction thrust in both solid form and liquid form have been the only option for many years. But they require a massive amount of thrust requiring large fuel tanks and limiting payloads. Historically, they have been expensive and discarded after […]

Japanese Space Elevator

Japanese firm wants to build a space elevator by 2050 – [youtube.com] The Space Elevator Construction Concept – [obayashi.co.jp] Concept Outline The space elevator is planned to be built by the year 2050 with a capacity to carry 100-ton climbers. It is composed of a 96,000-km carbon nanotube cable, a 400-m diameter floating Earth Port […]

A Cable Made From Diamond Nanothreads

The concept of a space elevator was just a theory when it was conceived, because no known substance was strong enough to suspend its own weight at the huge distances involved (around 100,000 kilometers). But then, carbon nanotubes were discovered, and they have the required strength to make the cable for a space elevator, when […]

Space Elevator

Space elevator concepts have been around for a long time in various forms. In 1895 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky proposed building a tower that was tall enough to reach into space. In 1959 Yuri Artsutanov pondered using a satellite with a counter-weighted cable to lift objects into orbit. In the 1960s and 70s several more versions were […]