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Asteroid Groups

In the main asteroid belt, there are groups of asteroids that form clusters in similar orbits. Within the groups are smaller groups known as families who show orbital characteristics that are so similar that it has led to to theories that these families were formed by larger rocks being broken up by collisions. Main belt […]

Scale in Space

It is difficult to fully grasp the concept of scales that are involved in space. The ratio of empty space to matter is HUGE! The size of planets and even stars is dwarfed when compared to the space between them. We try to understand things and visualize them by comparing them to other things that […]


How will navigation be accomplished in space well beyond Earth? This subject area will probably be under a state of transition for some time as humankind expands outward across the solar systema and eventually beyond. A navigational grid is part of the system and it will need to have a “zero” orientation similar to the […]

The Rocks

The Rocks

The main asteroid belt, found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter is estimated to contain many millions of small rocks and about 1-2 million rocks of a diameter of 1 kilometer or greater. 26 known asteroids have a diameter of 200 kilometers or more. There are also rocks found in all other parts of […]

Belt Geography

Belt Geography

Location in the Solar System: The main body of asteroids are located in the large gap between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. There are also two other groups of asteroids known as “trojans” and “greeks” that are located on the orbital path of Jupiter. Asteroid Belt Asteroids Dynamic Site Titius Bode law […]