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Could We Tell If Our Universe Is A Simulation

The fact is that our universe IS a simulation, created by our own minds. What we perceive as solid objects are in fact, events in motion. Because we can’t discern motion at an atomic level, we abstract the idea that they are solid. With our minds, we create an illusion that allows us to interact […]

Arranging Nanoscale Assembly

A team of researchers from three different universities are collaborating to study how nanoscale crystals self assemble. A team at UPenn, led by Christopher Murray was working on a problem related to “herringbone” patterns that self assemble in flat metallic nanocrystals. Murray turned to Sharon Glotzer, a former colleague from UPenn and now working at […]

Things To Do With a Supercomputer

For the purpose of creating a task list, the definition of supercomputer can be loosely expanded to include clusters, grids, clouds and all forms of conglomeration of a large amount of computing power. MODELING Weather forecasting – a complex three dimensional fluid dynamics model being constantly recalculated with a massive amount of dynamic data being […]

Asteroid Impact Effects

Purdue unveils ‘Impact: Earth!’ asteroid impact effects calculator – [] Purdue University on Wednesday (Nov. 3) unveiled ”Impact: Earth!” a new website that allows anyone to calculate the potential damage a comet or asteroid would cause if it hit the Earth. The interactive website is scientifically accurate enough to be used by homeland security and […]