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Cybots Monitor Network

Can a group of distributed intelligent agents collaborate well enough to provide situational awareness information that helps protect a network? Oak Ridge explores cybots Imagine being able to deploy an army of software robots intelligent enough to cooperate with one another to monitor and defend the largest networks. Instead of independent devices doing a single […]

Shmoocon 2009 Before Shmoocon: I absolutely hate the Shmoocon ticketing process! Every year, I have to wait with great anticipation for the magical ticketing hour and then bang like crazy on my keyboard and mouse to try to get a ticket and then wallow in anxiety for a while, not knowing if anything went through and […]

Lists of tools

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Supplementing Controls

After the baseline of security controls have gone through the tailoring process of: scoping guidance, compensating controls and organizationally defined parameters, it is possible that additional controls or enhancements may be needed in order to mitigate the risk that has been assessed. It is also possible to simple add restrictions to already existing controls. There […]

Tailoring Controls

NIST SP 800-53 sets terms and conditions for tailoring the security control baseline to organizational and operational needs.   There are three specific areas addressed as follows: Scoping Guidance Compensating Controls Organizationally Defined Parameters Scoping Guidance offers considerations on how individual security controls are applied and implemented. The following areas are discussed: Common Controls Common Controls […]