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The Progression of Ethics

Our consideration of ethics begins with self. At some point, we feel connected with others, usually family or close friends, and we become willing to extend some level of importance beyond self. As we grow in awareness and intelligence, we become more able to empathize with others, to feel connected with them, and continue to […]

The History of Ethics

Searching for knowledge on the history of ethics returns mostly discourse on the development of philosophical thought about ethics. This is the history of a branch of philosophy, and philosophers reasoning of ethics, but it is not the history of how ethics has been applied in everyday life by common folk. We can learn from […]

The Logic of Ethics

How difficult will it be to translate ethics into logic trees that can be encoded into software for use by AIs? In a simplified ethical decision, there is a starting state, usually at least two possible actions (or an action/inaction pair) to choose between and outcome states to calculate and compare. In order to make an […]

Ethics vs Morals

Ethics – describes our systems for balancing issues and making decisions for whatever we consider to be right conduct. Morals – are codes of what is considered to be right conduct which have been derived from accumulated ethical experience over an expanse of time. The problem with these definitions is that different people and different […]