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Ethics and the Speed of Tech Improvement

Our technology is improving quickly and the rate of that improvement is steadily increasing. Technology always amplifies human effort. If the effort has been aligned ethically, the amplified end product will be amplified goodness. If the effort is not ethical, the amplified end product will be amplified badness or even evil. It seems like we […]

Scale Solar System

The problem with representing the scale of the Solar System is getting both a correct proportion of the orbits and a correct proportion of the planet sizes at the same time. To Scale: The Solar System – [] On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the […]

Explore the Scale of the Universe

Use the slide bar below the picture frame to move across the scale range and explore groups of objects found in similar size ranges. From strings and quantum foam at the low end to measuring galactic superclusters in “yottameters” (10^24th meters) and whatever is beyond the limits of our vision in time. Scale of the […]

Scale in Space

It is difficult to fully grasp the concept of scales that are involved in space. The ratio of empty space to matter is HUGE! The size of planets and even stars is dwarfed when compared to the space between them. We try to understand things and visualize them by comparing them to other things that […]