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Living In The Asteroid Belt – part 5 – Habitats

Living In The Asteroid Belt – part 5 - Habitats

Previous articles in this series: 1-INTRODUCTION 2-GEOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY 3-GETTING THERE 4-MINING HABITATS Choices – are limited by a need for rotational symmetry so that the habitat can turn steadily to create artificial gravity. All of these shapes are designed to provide living space on the inside surface with rotational force pushing everything “down” toward […]

Building Space Habitats

While we may use the Moon and Mars as stepping stones in our migration into space, the real end target will be the asteroid belt. Once we have spent the resources needed to accomplish the steep climb out of a planetary gravity well, it makes sense to stay there. The asteroid belt suits this purpose. […]

Synthetic Gravity in Space Habitats

Human bodies have evolved inside a gravitational field that provides a constant downward pressure as long as we stand on the surface of the planet. Healthy operation of the body depends on this state. In the zero-gravity environment of space, we will need to synthetically reproduce this condition. The term, “centrifugal force” describes the inertial […]