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A Fully Automated Home

Our homes are becoming more automated all the time. It began about a hundred years ago, when electricity and modern plumbing came inside our homes for the first time. The first use of electricity inside our home was often just a single light bulb hanging from a cord in the middle of the room. And […]

Skin Suit Requirements

A Skin Suit concept was previously described here as a combination of a super-skin layer of clothing, a space suit, and an exoskeleton. In order to bring this closer to a functional reality, we need to define requirements. We can start by defining the layers that are involved: Skin components – a layer of protective […]

Rebuilding a Worn Out Joint by Injection

When arthritis attacks the cartilage layer that allows bone joints to slide smoothly, the bones begin grinding and cause damage and discomfort. We know how to fix this problem with artificial replacements, but that requires surgery which can be invasive, is expensive and takes time and therapy for full recovery. Professor Karperien in the Netherlands […]