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LifeBot-5 Telemedicine System

LifeBot is producing LifeBot-5, a ruggedized, mobile emergency telemedicine system that can provide patient data relays that allow remote emergency room functionality. The laptop based system weighs fifteen pounds and integrates many communication pathways to ensure it stays online without interruption. It runs DREAMS (Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Services) software, developed for the military […]

Haptic Clothing

Haptic technology is a way of providing tactile sensory input or feedback to enhance an experience. It is often integrated with virtual environments or augmented reality technologies. A simple form is the way game controllers vibrate to create a sensation connected with an event in the game. Haptics are being integrated into many areas besides […]


Telepresence started out pretty much as video conferencing, but has already expanded far beyond that and is now beginning to use robots as surrogates for telepresence operations. The combination of robotic movement and sensors with ever advancing telecom ability holds great promise for tele-commuting jobs and remote operations and interactions in many forms. As robotic […]