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Colloidal Camouflage

Cuttlefish dynamically change both the color and texture of their skin to create camouflage that matches the environment around them. A University of Nebraska research team is doing the same thing using colloids in a multilayered structure. When light hits the colloid layer, heat convection reassembles it to replicate the light pattern. This technique is […]

Active Living Spaces

Over the years, our computing interfaces have become more and more interactive. From simple command lines, to graphical interfaces, to “active” graphical interfaces; they have continually become more interactive, more dynamic, more alive. Our living spaces will soon be following the same trend, becoming both more interactive and reconfigurable. World Builder – [] This amazing […]

Modular Robotics

Modular robotics is about designing robotic systems that consist of simple modules that can adapt their configuration or change the way they combine to perform tasks. While adaptation can be limited to a specific range of tasks, many of the researchers in this field are working on systems that can “self-repair” and even “self-reconfigure”. Modular […]

Reconfigurable Spacecraft

This describes a concept of building spacecraft using “flux pinned interfaces” (FPI) that make the spacecraft easily reconfigurable. Flux pinning is the process of maintaining structural integrity by using superconductors and magnetic fields to create “non-contacting virtual structures”. Flux-Pinned Spacecraft – [] (at Cornell Univ.) The effective stiffness and damping of a flux-pinned connection […]