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Raspberry PI Aircraft ID and Amazon Echo Interface

The article below describes a project using a Raspberry PI and a radio receiver dongle to pick up aircraft related information broadcasts and use that to identify nearby passing aircraft traffic. It then makes the information available using an Alexa skill and voice queries. TEACHING ALEXA TO SPOT AIRPLANES – [nicksypteras.com] This was actually a […]

Liquid Metal Antenna Tuning

Antennas resonate harmonically with radio waves according to how the length of the antenna matches the wavelength. Antennas can be tuned to a specific wavelength by changing their length. Using an applied voltage to change the length of some liquid metal, creates an antenna that can be tuned electronically. An antenna capable of tuning by […]

Galactic Communications Using a Gravitational Lens

Gravitational lensing is the process of a large mass bending light from a distant source. Einstein predicted this and astronomers can now detect it. By placing an optical collector or a radio antenna at a distance of 550 AUs or greater from our Sun, it can be used as a lens to focus detail from […]

Fractal Antenna

Conventional antennas were typically based on some fraction of the wavelength that they were designed to receive. This meant the size of the antenna often varied with the frequency range they used. Fractal antennas reduce the overall size of the antenna because the length of the receiving contact is distributed over a fractal pattern that […]


Miniature electronic resonaters known as microrings may significantly alter the way we exchange information of all types. These devices are very small, are low cost, require little power, operate at high frequencies and can handle high speed operations. This technology overcomes most signal interference problems and may enable replacing wire and cable connections with all […]


World’s First Nanoradio Could Lead to Subcellular Remote-Control Interfaces The breakthrough nanoradio consists of a single carbon-nanotube molecule that serves simultaneously as all the essential components of a radio — antenna, tunable band-pass filter, amplifier and demodulator. Physicist Alex Zettl led the development team, and graduate student Kenneth Jensen built the radio. The nanoradio is […]