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Simplifying Quantum Mechanics Is Possible

Ignoring the script that insists, “the quantum world and the large scale world play by two different sets of rules”, this simple demonstration shows that there may be an equally simple explanation for “quantum” events and the “wave-particle duality” paradox. All of our observational data seems to confirm that elementary “items” at some level act […]

1805 – Hamilton – bio

William Rowan Hamilton was born in 1805 in Dublin, Ireland and was a mathematician, physicist and astronomer. In mathematics, he studied number theory and various forms of algebras, eventually producing an extension to complex numbers (combinations of real numbers and “imaginary” units that involve the square root of negative one) that is known as quaternions. […]

1918 – Feynman – bio

Richard Feynman was born in 1918 in New York, USA and was a physicist. He was one of the founders of quantum electrodynamics and invented a shorthand to show particle interactions now known as “Feynman diagrams”. In 1965, he won a Nobel prize for his work in quantum electrodynamics, along with Julian Schwinger and Sin-Itiro […]

1902 – Dirac – bio

Paul Dirac was born in 1902 in Bristol, England. He was a mathematician and physicist who helped to develop quantum mechanics and discovered an equation that successfully predicted anti-matter. In 1928 he created the Dirac equation which provides a mathematical description of elementary particles that is consistent with both relativity and quantum mechanics. The equation […]

1903 – Von Neumann

John von Neumann was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1903 and was a mathematician. He did work with logic, set theory, quantum theory and statistical mechanics. His work on fixed point theorems led others to later accumulate three Nobel prizes in the area. He was an expert in explosion hydrodynamics and worked on the “Manhattan […]

1924 – wave particle duality

Louis de Broglie’s doctoral thesis in 1924, “Research on Quantum Theory” proposed a theory of electron waves that include the properties of both waves and particles. The wave-like component of the electron was confirmed by experiment in 1927 and de Broglie’s theory became accepted and generally known as wave-particle duality. PRECURSOR: 1630 – “Treatise on […]

Timeline of the Atom

-0450 – Leucippus -0450 – Empedocles – “roots” (elements) -0400 – Democritus -0300 – Epicurus -0200 – Kanada 1789 – Lavoisier – conservation of mass 1799 – definite proportions (Proust) 1803 – atomic weights (Dalton) 1811 – Avogadro’s law 1838 – dark space (Faraday) 1855 – vacuum tube 1857 – Geissler tubes 1869 – periodic […]

1858 – Planck – bio

Max Planck was born in 1858 in Kiel, Germany and was the physicist responsible for creating the beginnings of quantum theory. Planck was working on a description of electromagnetic radiation when he discovered that energy is only radiated in discrete bundles, or quanta. A constant derived from the equation he produced is now known as […]

1913 – quantum theory

In 1913, Neils Bohr introduced a new model of the atom that included electron orbitals tied to levels of energy. Understanding Quantum Physics 01/04 – [youtube.com] Quantum Physics is the branch of Science that studies and describes reality at the atomic (molecules and atoms) and the subatomic (electrons, protons, and even smaller particles) level of […]

1926 – Wave mechanics

In 1926, inspired by Louis de Broglie’s wave equation for an electron, Erwin Schrodinger published a series of equations that described wave mechanics. PRECURSOR: 1873 – electromagnetic waves – Maxwell 1913 – quantum theory CONCURRENT: 1924 – wave particle duality – de Broglie 1925 – matrix mechanics – Heisenberg 1927 – pilot wave theory – […]