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QUANTUM STUFF – Quantum Mechanics

STRUCTURE OF THE ATOM A simple map of the atom: Particles – in the early days of atomic theory, all components were thought of as particles and this model is still taught at elementary levels. Nucleus – is a combination of larger particles found together at the center of an atom. The particles are the […]

QUANTUM STUFF – Introduction

Quantum computing is not simple to understand. A good starting place is some of the ideas in quantum mechanics since they are fundamental to quantum computing. This is an introduction to a series of posts on stuff related to quantum quantum mechanics and quantum computing. Definition of “quantum” An amount or quantity of something A […]

Hula Hoop Electron Quantum Magic

First, watch the hula hoop: LED Hoop Demo – [youtube.com] Particle physicists have some difficulty describing the orbital mechanics of electrons inside an atom. Erwin Schrodinger wrote an equation that describes the electron as a wave form. But that equation seems to imply that there are more than three dimensions and it seems to be […]

1900 – Pauli – bio

Wolfgang Pauli was born in Vienna, Austria in 1900 and was a physicist known as one of the creators of quantum mechanics. He particularly become known for the “Pauli Exclusion Principle” which states that no two electrons can be in the same quantum state at the same time. PRECURSOR: 1831 – Maxwell 1838 – Mach […]

1887 – Schrodinger – bio

Erwin Schrodinger was born in Vienna, Austria in 1887 and was a physicist who made major contributions to quantum mechanics. The Schrodinger wave equation describes the state of an atom, including the electrons as mathematical waves. It was later demonstrated that Heisenberg’s matrix mechanics and the wave function were describing the same thing. PRECURSOR: 1777 […]

1901 – Heisenberg – bio

Werner Heisenberg was born in 1901 in Munich, Germany and was a physicist known for creating the matrix version of quantum mechanics and for postulating “the Heisenberg uncertainty theorem”. PRECURSOR: 1821 – Cayley 1831 – Maxwell 1858 – Planck 1862 – Hilbert 1868 – Sommerfeld CONCURRENT: 1879 – Einstein 1880 – Riesz 1882 – Born […]

1885 – Bohr – bio

Niels Henrik David Bohr was born in 1885 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He studied under Ernest Rutherford and expanded Rutherford’s theories into a model of atomic structure that included electrons circling the atomic nucleus. Bohr created the idea that an electron could drop to a lower energy level by emitting a quantum of light known as […]

1913 – quantum theory

In 1913, Neils Bohr introduced a new model of the atom that included electron orbitals tied to levels of energy. Understanding Quantum Physics 01/04 – [youtube.com] Quantum Physics is the branch of Science that studies and describes reality at the atomic (molecules and atoms) and the subatomic (electrons, protons, and even smaller particles) level of […]