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Quintessence Means Fifth Element

FOUR ELEMENTS Plato defined four basic elements as earth, water, air, and fire. In his analysis of geometry he defined five regular solids. He paired up the four elements with four of the five regular solids and this suggested to him that there might be another element. He assigned earth to the cube, water to […]

Vortex – Physics – Dimensions

First, watch this fascinating video about a half vortex demonstrated in a pool of water. Then, ponder the parallels in the world of energy and particle physics. Imagine the ends of the vortex as elementary particles connected by a hidden vortex tunnel in another dimension. wave particle duality electron spin EPR paradox Crazy pool vortex […]

Spin Liquid Magnetism

Superconductivity is a state that occurs in some materials, at low temperatures, where there is little or no resistance to movement of electric charge. Electron “spin” is a term used to describe angular momentum (spin) observed in the electric and magnetic charges of electrons. Normally, an object that is magnetic has the magnetic spin of […]

Using Sound to Control Information

Computer circuits use pulses of electromagnetic energy to create readable states that can represent information in small pieces. Phonons are pulses of sound vibration that can interact with both matter and electromagnetic energy. Learning to control phonons with precision may enable phonon based computing. How To Build A Phononic Computer [technologyreview.com] Phonons are quantum vibrations […]

1922 – Stern-Gerlach experiment

In 1922, the Stern-Gerlach (named after Otto Stern and Walther Gerlach) experiment sent a beam of silver atoms through a deflecting magnetic field and onto a collecting plate. Charged electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom create a “magnetic moment” (a vector of twisting force) that makes the atom behave as though it were a […]