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MQTT is Messaging for IOT

MQTT is an acronym that stands for Message Queue Telemetry Transport. It is a communications or messaging protocol for Internet Of Things (IOT) devices. If we want our toaster and coffee maker and doorbell to talk to each other, they will most likely be using MQTT. [when the doorbell rings to announce guests, start the […]

A Quarantine of Intelligence

Human history is a dismal record of failure to expand ethical considerations beyond the self. We have left a trail of hundreds of millions of lives lost in warfare, torture, and enslavement of various kinds. We have a well established track record of making poor decisions based on personal interest and without regard to consequences. […]


Stealth techniques can aid an attacker in a variety of ways: Concealing a presence on a system Concealing command and control channels Concealing information gathering Concealing data exfiltration Stealth techniques are usually used in two primary categories: Root kits Hidden files – this includes both program related files and data files and often an entire […]