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3D Printing Replacement Hands

The loss of four fingers on his right hand, prompted Richard Van As to manufacture a replacement set of fingers. Using a 3D printer, the project created working robo-hands and is now producing hands for kids that were born without hands or fingers. MakerBot and Robohand — 3D Printing Mechanical Hands – [youtube.com] When Richard […]

Advances in Cyborg Technology

Artificial Body Technology in the Service of Man – [2045.com] When skeptics voice doubts about the viability of creating an artificial human body in the coming decades, it attests only to the fact that they are not very familiar with the scientific and technological achievements that have been made in this field of late. They […]

Rebuilding Our Bodies

We now have the ability to rebuild our bodies; at least in a limited sense, but that limitation is shrinking rapidly. Prosthetic Replacements Artificial replacement limbs and dentures have been used for thousands of years. Roman Capua Leg – [wikipedia.org] Prosthetic replacements have dramatically improved their functionality and their human-like appearance with increases in technological […]