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1701 – Bayes – bio

Thomas Bayes was born in England in 1701 and was a mathematician who contributed to the field of probability a rule that is now known as “Bayes Theorem”. The theorem is a simple formula used for calculating conditional probabilities. PRECURSOR: 1601 – Fermat 1623 – Pascal 1642 – Newton 1667 – de Moivre CONCURRENT: SUBSEQUENT: […]

1700 – Bernoulli – bio

Daniel Bernoulli was born in 1700 in the Netherlands and became a mathematician known for his work with fluid dynamics and probability and statistics. In fluid mechanics, “Bernoulli’s Principle” describes the relationships involved amongst fluid speed, pressure differential and potential energy. PRECURSOR: 1627 – Boyle 1642 – Newton 1646 – Leibniz 1662 – Boyle’s law […]

1623 – Pascal – bio

1623 - Pascal - bio

Blaise Pascal was born in 1623 in Clermont, France. He is mostly known as being an outstanding mathematician, but also was a physicist and philosopher. He made significant contributions to the areas of conic sections and projective geometry. Pascal’s triangle is a number matrix in the shape of a triangle with the numbers staggered so […]