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Recipe for Homemade Flexible Electronics

Combine pencil leads and dishwashing liquid, mix on high speed in a blender, pour the liquid into an ink cartridge and insert it into an ink-jet printer. Place a sheet of special fabric or plastic into the printer and print the circuit design onto it. Fold the printed sheet according to directions and connect it […]

Printing Graphene With Ink-jets

Printing graphene with ink-jet technology has been difficult because it tends to breakdown conductivity. Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a new method of producing graphene flakes that can be mixed into an ink form to be printed while still retaining conductivity and flexibility. This is a move toward being able to print inexensive flexible […]

1398 – Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg was born in 1398 in Mainz, Germany and was a blacksmith, a goldsmith and a printer. He is known for creating a movable type printing press around 1439, which revolutionized the publishing business by allowing mass production of books. While movable type had been demonstrated previously, this was the first documented use of […]

Printing Solar Cells

We are fast approaching the point where we will be able to print anything. It should be no surprise to see solar cells and panels on the list of materials that researchers are learning to print. Imagine being able to print solar panels whenever and wherever you need them at a low cost factor. While […]


In history, it was first Bi Sheng and then Gutenberg who used movable type blocks to revolutionize printing. Computer microchips are “printed” on silicon disks using a photo-etching and plating process to create miniature circuitry patterns. More than a few research teams have been chasing the best way to accomplish nanoprinting and using a wide […]

Printed Batteries

Printing batteries, on paper or plastic or other substrates, has moved out of the lab and into commercial application. Processes that are more like spray painting or printing are replacing the older and more costly vacuum deposition process. This also increases the production speed. Printable Battery Benefits – [powerpaper.com] The key advantages of Power Paper’s […]

Printing Space Habitats

3D printers work by extruding materials in patterns and building up layers of the material into three dimensional objects. The greatest cost of building structures in space is simply lifting the mass of the materials up out of the gravity well we live in. If materials to build with can be provided in space without […]

Printing Skin

In 2005 the idea of using inkjet printer technology to “spray” on new layers of skin had been proposed but was probably dismissed by most as “science fiction”. Now it’s becoming a reality. ‘Skin Printer’ Could Help Heal Battlefield Wounds – [technologyreview.com] The system, which lays down cells with the same fluid-based inkjet technology used […]

Printed Supercapacitor

Supercapacitors that can be printed on a flexible substrate similar to paper or cloth fabric can be used in place of conventional batteries in a variety of new applications. A New Way to Create a Super Capacitor – [eepn.com] Silk screen printing is a familiar process used to print T-shirts, stickers, textiles and circuit boards. […]

0220 – printing

Wood block printing was being used in China around 220 to print on cloth.