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Policy and Procedure

Each of the seventeen families of security controls found in 800-53 contain a first control that requires the development of policy and procedures for that specific family of controls. Here is an example from the PL family: 800-53 security control PL-1 SECURITY PLANNING POLICY AND PROCEDURES Control: The organization develops, disseminates, and periodically reviews/updates: (i) […]

Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan

Policy Identify statutory or regulatory requirements Create a policy statement Get the policy statement approved Publish the policy statement Key elements of policy Roles and responsibilities Scope Resources required Training required Testing and exercises schedule Maintenance schedule Backup and storage schedule Business Impact Assessment (BIA) The BIA is a critical piece of the CP that […]

Google recon

Going beyond simply reading a web page and extracting helpful information from it, google can be used to find much more information that can aid an attacker. Searching for target information – the attacker often begins by doing simple searches and building some kind of knowledge record or map of what they have learned. This […]