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Portable Piezo Power

Rechargeable batteries have changed our lives. Batteries that constantly recharge themselves will change things more. It is the ability to collect ambient vibrations and convert the energy into electricity that makes this possible. Piezo-electric materials produce electricity from pressure or stress. Micropower generators are small devices that use piezo-electric materials to collect current produced by […]


Nanogenerators will be needed to power the new generation of tiny devices that nanotechnology is producing. Just as the self-winding wristwatch collects kinetic energy and uses it to drive the spring in the watch, it is possible to collect small amounts of energy in a variety of ways: motion and vibration, thermal differences, sonic waves […]

Singing Optical Sensor Fibers

MIT researchers are creating fibers that can interact with their environment to provide sensory input and output, with sound and light and more. This research may enable a wide range of biomedical ensors that can be placed inside the body to collect information and possible interact with it. The researchers also expect the fibers will […]