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Thin Flexible Solar Cells Can Be Applied Anywhere

A new kind of “metal sandwich” made of nickel and silicon dioxide allows the creation of thin film solar cells that can be peeled off their substrate and stuck onto just about any surface. If this technique can be exanded to thin film electronics in general, it will open up a new field of products. […]

Fibonacci Solar Panels

The American Museum of Natural History recognizes students in grades 7-12 with their “Young Naturalist Awards” for research based science. Aiden is a 13 year old 7th grader from NY who won one of these awards for his research on optimizing solar panels by mimicking nature. Please read the entire article (linked below) to enjoy […]

Artificial Photosynthesis

There is evidence to indicate that the earliest process of conventing sunlight into storable and usable energy (photosynthesis) began around 3.4 billion years ago on this planet. Over time, the bacteria that accomplished this changed the color range of light they absorbed from infrared into the visible spectrum and changed the waste output of their […]

Solar Pyrite Nanocrystals

Thin film and nanocrystal solar cells are pushing the edge of photovoltaics, but are often constructed using a silicon base doped with various forms of cadmium, tellurium, indium and other elements that push costs up. A substance that is abundant, cheap and has the right optical properties could produce an inexpensive solar cell. Iron sulfide […]

Ultra Light Absorber

Researchers at the Huygens Laboratory in Leiden University in the Netherlands have demonstrated that at a very thin level of thickness, NbN (niobiumnitride) can absorb nearly 100% of light. The ideal substance for photovoltaic solar energy conversion is something that absorbs almost all radiation and is thin enough to collect electrical energy efficiently. Most recent […]