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Flexible E-paper Tablets

PaperTab goes on show as flexible paper-thin tablet – [phys.org] Call it the paper tablet. Or flexible e-paper touchscreen. Or an all in one computing experience made up of a cluster of papery, tablet screens, each behaving like an app. However you look at the PaperTab, it is difficult to avoid the word “revolutionary,” and […]

Graphene Paper Stronger Than Steel

Researchers have been predicting for several years that a form of graphene known as “buckypaper”, which is hundreds of times stronger than steel and much lighter, could be used to make airplanes, electronic components, batteries and hundreds of other products. A team from the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia) has announced results that bring the […]

Paper Batteries

By coating paper with an ink that contains both carbon nanotubes and silver nanowire, the paper can store an electric charge, allowing it to function as a light and flexible battery or supercapacitor. At Stanford, nanotubes + ink + paper = instant battery – [stanford.edu] Stanford scientists are harnessing nanotechnology to quickly produce ultra-lightweight, bendable […]

0105 – paper

While papyrus (a mat of woven reeds) was used thousands of years earlier and various forms of parchment (often skin-based) were also used well before this, the first recorded form of true paper in a modern sense was in China in 105.