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Open Source Robotics Foundation

Willow Garage has announced the Open Source Robotics Foundation, a non-profit group with a mission of supporting research and development of robotics technology. One of their first major efforts will be to participate in the DARPA Robotics Challenge – [] Hardware, software, modeling and gaming developers sought to link with emergency response and science communities […]

Qbo open source robot

Qbo – Artificial Intelligence at home, Open Source Code Robot & Linux OS SOME OF QBO’s SKILLS: * Stereoscopic vision * Speech Recognition System * Speech Synthesis System * Qbo’s API & Web control panel * Wifi & Bluetooth connections * Qbo avoid crashes and falls thanks to ultrasound sensors Qbo’s concept and design – […]

Willow Garage Robot Navigates

Willow Garage Personal Robot 2 (PR2) has successfully passed a benchmark test that included not just navigating around an office space and plugging itself into power outlets, but also negotiating some planned obstacles. Milestone 2 Reached! Now You Can Watch It This particular run had our PR2 alpha robot navigate through eight doors, and plug […]

Willow Garage personal robotics

Willow Garage is a collaboration aimed at developing open source robotics. They produce both hardware and open source software for personal robotic applications. Willow Garage. An Unusual Name. An Unusual Company. We are a unique blend of a research lab, technology incubator and think tank. We call it a Garage. This name is an homage […]