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APT versus OODA Security Controls

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a kind of attack comes from a team with advanced skills, deep resources, and specific targets. They use advanced tools and techniques that are capable of circumventing defenses. They use stealth and demonstrate good situational awareness in evaluating the state of the defenders they face. They respond quickly and with […]

Defending Against APT

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a cyber attack threat that typically comes from a team of attackers with advanced penetration skills, deep resources, specific target profiles and they tend to be very persistent in their efforts. They often have tools that are capable of circumventing defenses. They use stealthy tactics and show good situational awareness […]

Agile Defense with NIST Controls

Agile Defense In the past, information systems security often focused simply on perimeter defense, wrongly assuming that a strong perimeter was the only defense needed. Then, as regulations became more complex and more legal, infosec became more “compliance-centric”, trying to pass the security audits required by law. Compliance oriented security produces reams of paperwork and […]

Hacking Drones

Insurgents have learned how to intercept video relays from drones in Iraq and Afghanistan and the vulnerability has existed for some time. Hacking warfare robots will become more of an issue as they become more commonplace. Think about how network hacking techniques can be applied to war scenarios and vice-versa: botnets – encrypted control channels […]

OODA Loops

Background – OODA loops are an abstract description of the flow involved in conflict cycles, as described by Col. John Boyd of the US Air Force. He developed the theory while flying fighter planes in dog fights, but later generalized it to apply to any form of conflict. OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. […]