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Our Knowledge of Matter and Energy

We like to think that we know what “elementary particles” are made of, but in fact, while we may know some things about their behavior or interaction with other particles, we know little about their fundamental nature. Here are some of the things we know: Sometimes they act like waves and sometimes they act like […]

CERN Detects a Pentaquark

Quarks are the pieces that combine to make protons and neutrons and other composite components known as hadrons. There are two main “families” of hadrons, categorized by how the quarks combine. Baryons, such as protons and neutrons, are composed of three quarks. Mesons are composed of a quark and an anti-quark, and are involved in […]

Timeline of the Atom

-0450 – Leucippus -0450 – Empedocles – “roots” (elements) -0400 – Democritus -0300 – Epicurus -0200 – Kanada 1789 – Lavoisier – conservation of mass 1799 – definite proportions (Proust) 1803 – atomic weights (Dalton) 1811 – Avogadro’s law 1838 – dark space (Faraday) 1855 – vacuum tube 1857 – Geissler tubes 1869 – periodic […]