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Nanofilters for Water

Water nanofilters made from ceramic foam honeycombs have shown promise, but new research by a team at Stanford University uses cotton that has been dipped in carbon nanotubes, coated with silver and then electrified. New high-speed, low-cost water purifying nanofilter developed – [] As their name suggests, most existing water purifying filters clean the water […]

Sensitive Synthetic Skin

Two research teams working independently (one from Stanford and one from UC Berkeley) have created prototypes of artificial human skin that are extremely sensitive. Both techniques use a thin rubber surface with an electronic substrate that can measure changes in electrical properties that result from pressure. The Stanford team used a dielectric thin film and […]


Nanowires are long thin, wire-shaped structures formed generally with diameters of ten nanometers or less. The ultimate nanowire is considered to be a chain of single atoms. Nanowire technology is being investigated for faster and smaller electronic components, changing thin plastics into touch screens and cotton t-shirts into armor, and more advanced and efficient solar […]