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Super Intelligent Ethics

Ethics is an analysis of the best course of action, of what is most right. Morals are general rules derived from our experience with ethical analysis. The following video suggests that we need to “translate ethics into a set of correct unambiguous rules” and also suggests that is not possible. Think about how we humans […]

Ethics and the Speed of Tech Improvement

Our technology is improving quickly and the rate of that improvement is steadily increasing. Technology always amplifies human effort. If the effort has been aligned ethically, the amplified end product will be amplified goodness. If the effort is not ethical, the amplified end product will be amplified badness or even evil. It seems like we […]

Morals Should Not Be Limited to People

Morals are codes that we follow because they contain distilled ethical analysis from many decisions about what is right and what is wrong. Moral codes may vary across different cultures, philosophies, and religions. But it’s easy to find common ground also. Most moral codes include prohibitions against killing, stealing, and lying. And most moral codes […]

A Singularity of Morality

A singularity of intelligence and technology is what the term “the singularity” usually references, and the original primary use of the term described gravitational collapse into a black hole. In a general sense, singularities of all types are characterized by rapid growth in some factor that dramatically changes the entire landscape being described. The gravity […]

Ethics vs Morals

Ethics – describes our systems for balancing issues and making decisions for whatever we consider to be right conduct. Morals – are codes of what is considered to be right conduct which have been derived from accumulated ethical experience over an expanse of time. The problem with these definitions is that different people and different […]