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Moore’s Brain in Lake Michigan

Moore’s Brain in Lake Michigan – [conceptualizedintelligence.com] The article below is about robots taking human jobs. In the middle of the article is an interesting analogy that compares the growth rate in artificial intelligence to a task of filling Lake Michigan using Moore’s law. Lake Michigan was chosen because of a parallel between its volume […]

Origin of Life Could Predate Earth

Moore’s Law postulates the growth rate of a particular subset of technology. Geneticists are suggesting that a similar approach can map out the growth rate of genetic complexity, helping to predict when our genetic timeline began. And it works pretty well, matching up some key points on the timeline, but there’s just one problem – […]

Moore’s Law Came From Wright’s Law

Most of use are familiar with Moore’s Law that says the number of transistors on an integrated circuit chip will double every two years. There is also a familiar corollary that says the performance of chips will double every eighteen months. The original law came from an observation made in 1965 by Gordon Moore of […]

Single Atom Transistor

Single Atom Transistor

While single atom transistors have been created previously, they were positioned with somewhat random locations, making it difficult to find one that was actually useful. A team from the University of New South Wales in Australia has been able to locate a single atom of phosphorus with near atomic precision. The silicon substrate the atom […]

Graphene Walls – Walls of Graphene

Putting 100 trillion Field Effect Transistors (FETs) on a one square centimeter chip may become possible using graphene walls. The term “graphene walls” in this context describes tiny strips or “nano-ribbons” of carbon atoms. Other researchers have developed ideas for creating cheap and flexible lighting and display substrates made of graphene components embedded in plastic. […]

Moore’s Law

Moore's Law

In 1965, Gordon Moore (co-founder of Intel) wrote an article about the rate at which the number of transistors inside an integrated chip was increasing. By 1975, he had focused the statement on a rate of doubling the number of transistors every two years. This has become known as “Moore’s Law”. Such an exponential rate […]