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Homesteading in the Asteroid Belt

Soon, there will be opportunities to move out into the asteroid belt and begin a new life there. Just as pioneers migrated across America, building homesteads and establishing a new beachhead of civilization, so will a new wave of pioneers build homesteads in the empty space of the asteroid belt. GROUP Assembling a group begins […]

Leave the Asteroids Where They Are

Many current proposals for mining asteroids include the process of towing the asteroid back to Earth orbit to extract the valuable minerals. Leave the asteroids where they are. Towing them back to Earth assumes that they will only have value on Earth. It will take many years for us to develop the infrastructure necessary to […]

Commercial Asteroid Mining Project

A new space exploration company is announcing their intent to create a new industry and redefine “natural resources” by mining asteroids. Planetary Resources plans to launch a small, low cost, space telescope that will discover asteroids and examine them to determine what valuable metals and elements they contain. Ice and platinum group metals are among […]

Fortunes in Space

Twenty trillion dollars is a lot of cash. In 1997, John Lewis calculated the rough value of the metal in asteroid 3554 Amun at $20,000,000,000,000. 3554 Amun is considered to be a “small” M-type asteroid at a diameter of 2.5 kilometers. Since the price of precious metals has inflated since 1997, it is likely worth […]

Life in the Asteroid Belt

Someday soon, humans will begin a mass emigration to the asteroid belt. The drivers for this diaspora will not be the noble quest for the exploration of space, or the expansion and survival of humanity, but rather the simple desire for more freedom. In space, freedom will reach new levels, with territory for living being […]

Mining Asteroids

Instead of trying to send supply ships up the gravitational well from Earth to supply colonies in space, it is more sensible to find the supplies out in flat space. It is possible to extract precious metals and valuable minerals and elements from asteroids in the asteroid belt. How it will be done is open […]

1650 – vacuum pump

In 1650, Otto von Guericke of Germany, invented the first known vacuum pump.