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Personal Fabrication

Personal sized fabrication devices have the ability to replace conventional manufacturing processes and distribute it into the home environment. A large group of these devices is known as 3-D printers, because they operate somewhat like printers, but by adding layer upon layer, can create three dimensional output products. As this technology advances, the range of […]

Hyperlocal Manufacturing

RESILIENT COMMUNITY: Forget Afghanistan, These are Needed in Detroit etc. Hyperlocal manufacturing is real. Think of it as one of the economic hearts of a thriving resilient community. It’s a revolution already in motion, as you can see in the rapid spread of hackerspaces. Connect these hackerspaces, and the communities they serve, with networks that […]


A rapid prototyping fabrication machine is known as a “fabber”. CNC or Computer Numerically Controlled machine tools take instructions from a computer, often in the form of a computer aided design (CAD) output and produce precisely constructed objects. 3D printer add successive layers of material to create 3D objects. This is called “additive manufacturing” and […]

Center for Bits and Atoms

Center for Bits and Atoms

MITs Center for Bits and Atoms investigates how the content of information relates to its physical representation. The following is an excerpt from the “about” page: One of CBA’s grand challenge goals is quite literally to create “it from bit,” seeking to realize von Neumann’s vision of a universal assembler. Analogous to the earlier results […]