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Chain Mail Metamaterials

Metamaterials have the ability to create new properties because of the way they are structured instead of the properties being simply dependent on the materials that are used. Most metals are good conductors and have well known colors based on the wavelength of light they reflect. But if structures are formed in the metal that […]

Flexible Metamaterials

“Invisibility” cloaking devices already exist in the lab, but only with such restrictive conditions that they are not very useful. Restrictions in the range of effective optical frequencies and the size and structure of the cloaking materials leave a large gap between laboratory performance and a functional cloaking device. A new flexible form of metamaterial […]


Diffraction is the bending of waves as they pass around obstacles. Refraction is the bending of waves as they pass from one medium to another with different transmission velocities. Conventional lenses focus light waves by using refraction to either converge or diverge the beam of light as they pass through the lens. Any device which […]


Metamaterials are artificially created materials that exhibit characteristics not found in natural materials. These unique properties are often derived from the nanoscale structure of the material instead of from the chemical makeup. Most current references to metamaterials deal with interesting electromagnetic properties and often photonics or opto-electronics. One of the most exciting applications in this […]