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Integrated Attack Strategy

Integrated attack strategies involve combining hacking computer systems with attack vectors such as: espionage, blackmail, medical/health attacks, asymmetric “guerrilla-style” attacks, weapons of mass destruction, and conventional kinetic military attacks. The video below shows an example using a medical vector, and an unprotected printer, to compromise patient and identity records that can be used in future […]

Electronic Tattoos with NFC

Electronic skin and tattoos with embedded electronics can contain a variety of medical and health sensors as well as identification and authentication tools. Near Field Communications (NFC) is a short range (inches) induction based communication technology that uses RFID-like protocols to exchange credentials between devices. NFC can be used in simple form factors like smart […]

Nanoparticles Reverse Bone Loss in Mice

Silica nanoparticles not only suppress bone loss but also promote bone acretion. Silica Nanoparticles Partially Reverse Osteoporosis in Mice – [fightaging.org] At the small scale, bone structure is constantly remodeled throughout life. We lose bone mass and strength as we age, a condition known as osteoporosis, in part due to a systemic shift of the […]

The Tricorder is Coming

Many new developments bring the possibility of a working tricorder-like device closer to reality. A Gadget that Makes You the Doctor – [technologyreview.com] Scanadu hopes its tricorder-like device and a smartphone will help people track their health and diagnose problems. For most of us, checking our health or diagnosing an illness means a trip to […]

LifeBot-5 Telemedicine System

LifeBot is producing LifeBot-5, a ruggedized, mobile emergency telemedicine system that can provide patient data relays that allow remote emergency room functionality. The laptop based system weighs fifteen pounds and integrates many communication pathways to ensure it stays online without interruption. It runs DREAMS (Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Services) software, developed for the military […]

Flexible Electronic Membranes In Surgical Gloves

Building electronic components into flexible skin-like membranes allows an array of medical sensors to be embedded into surgical gloves. Enhancing a surgeons sense of feel with important medical indicators will increase the level of knowledge and also improve precision. Collection of temperature and pressure, as well as abilities to perform ablation and deliver ultra-sound direct […]

Beyond Biopsy

First, Duke University researchers are working on an autonomous microbot that can perform biopsies without human assistance. Then, a University of Washington team is working on a technique that uses nano-particles to perform molecular level imaging from inside the body. Next Gen Surgical Robots Could Steer Themselves – [dukenews.edu] Feasibility studies conducted by Duke University […]