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Stepping Stones to Space

The goal of space colonization is to colonize space, not to climb out of the gravity well of our planet only to climb back down into the gravity well of another planet and start building there. The goal is to learn to live in space and the future of space colonization will be directed toward […]

Skylon Spaceplane

The Skylon spaceplane design has the ability to take off as an airplane and reach orbit as a rocket driven craft. The engines use oxygen from the air while the plane is climbing through the atmosphere, then switch to liquid oxygen from a fuel tank as it moves into space. Skylon spaceplane gathers momentum – […]

Commercial Space Lift

The future of space exploration comes in three stages: space lift – escaping the gravity well, whether by brute force impulse rocket or space elevator or some other means space habitats – space stations, space hotels, space colonies, living environments space vehicles – vehicles designed to move through space with little or no gravity have […]