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Online Course on NanoElectronics

Purdue University is offering a new two part course on NanoElectronics starting in January. Each part will last five weeks and costs a $30 registration fee. You can either simply audit the class and not take the tests, or you can take the tests and by passing, earn a completion certificate. If you pass the […]

Predator Object Tracking

Figuring out how to track objects in a video stream is a solution for many problems. There are a variety of applications waiting for more sophisticated software in this area. Most objects change in many ways as they move through the timespace of frames in video. They can move, they can rotate and the qualities […]

Neural Networks

A biological neural network is a collection of connected neurons that offer some function as a nervous system or brain. But the term “neural network” usually refers to a software logic array that attempts to mimic some part of the design or function of a biological network. In the biological form, there are neuron cells […]

Augmented Cognition

Using technology and computational power to extend and enhance our cognitive resources and abilities is called “augmented cognition”. This can involve filtering information flow, modulating information volume to stay under overwhelm limits, enhancing data with analysis and visualization, enhancing bandwidth by using multiple channels and information formats, sequencing information properly to allow increased assimilation rates, […]

Strong AI

“Strong AI” is also known as “General AI” and refers to Artifical Intelligence that meets or exceeds human intelligence as opposed to AI that is designed for a smaller or specific purpose. It is generally assumed that this will include: Communication ability Knowledge representation Reasoning ability Learning ability Ability to integrate all of these The […]