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47 Years Ago Tonight

The Apollo 11 mission marked the first human landing on the Moon. Apollo 11 Descent: Film and LRO Imagery – Side by side view of Apollo 11’s descent, showing the view out of the lunar module’s window side by side with the broader panorama reconstructed from LRO data.Video Courtesy of GoneToPlaid.

SpaceX Stuck the Landing!

SpaceX launched a Falcon9 rocket with a Dragon spacecraft headed to the International Space Station. After the first stage booster rocket expended its fuel, it fell back toward Earth and then fired landing rockets to successfully land on a drone ship platform. In the past, several attempts at this had failed to land the first […]

Blue Origin Booster Lands After Third Flight

Blue Origin makes a reusable space launch system called “New Shepard”. The booster rocket lifts a space capsule capable of carrying six occupants to the edge of space. The booster then lands itself safely at the launch site in West Texas, while the capsule descends by parachute. This flight marks the third time the same […]

SpaceX Historic Landing

A successful first stage return landing on a land site. ORBCOMM-2 MISSION – [] Date Mon, Dec 21 2015 7:29 PM CST — Mon, Dec 21 2015 8:05 PM CST About With this mission, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will deliver 11 satellites to low-Earth orbit for ORBCOMM, a leading global provider of Machine-to-Machine communication and […]

Landing on an Asteroid

There are some problems with a mission to “land” on an asteroid: Space shuttle not available – the space shuttle is due for retirement and even if it could be pulled out of mothballs, it is unlikely that it would be capable of making an asteroid rendezvous. The shuttle was designed for orbital missions and […]