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Ethics of Ignorance

A full ethical consideration of what is “best for the most” requires enough knowledge of any involved subject areas to allow good decisions. ALL knowledge from the subject areas is not required, but SOME is. Part of any complete ethical consideration is an evaluation of how much knowledge is needed for a good analysis, without […]

The New Renaissance

The period of European history known as “the renaissance” was a slow revolution of knowledge and culture that supported the development of science, art, literature and other areas of intellectual pursuit. It began in the Tuscany area of Italy around 1300-1400 and it’s influence spread across most of Europe over the next several centuries, leading […]

Wolfram Alpha

Stephen Wolframs new Wolfram Alpha project is an attempt to create a mechanism that can respond to human language questions by mining information from the web and computing an answer to the question. Wolfram calls it a “computational knowledge engine”. Wolfram Alpha is Coming — and It Could be as Important as Google A Computational […]