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The Future of Jobs is Half-full

It has become clear that automation is going to replace many old jobs. But the ramifications of that change is an old issue, going back at least to the Luddites, who destroyed machines that they thought were disrupting their working environment. As robots and automation replace old jobs, they create new technologies and new wealth […]

Fast Food Robot Cook

The manufacturer of a robotic burger cook claims that it can save a fast food restaurant $135,000 a year in wages and overhead by replacing the human workers who cook the burgers, prepare them and wrap them. They also claim it will pay for itself in less than a year. And the business incubator that […]

Human Robot Synergy

Humans and robots will be increasingly working together. There are many tasks more suited to robots and they will be taken over so that humans are no longer required to do them. Dangerous tasks, monotonous tasks, tasks requiring strength or speed or precision that exceeds human capacity; all of these will become robotic tasks. There […]

Technology Continues to Make Jobs Obsolete

The American folktale of John Henry tells of a race between a man and a steam powered machine driving steel stakes into rock. John Henry beat the machine, but then died from the heroic effort. In the movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the HAL 9000 computer system, afraid of being turned off, decided to turn […]