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0078 – Zhang Heng – bio

Born in 78 in the province of Yuzhou (now known as Henan) of the Han dynasty in China, Zhang Heng was known as a scientist, mathematician, engineer, astronomer, painter and more. He became the chief astrologer to the emperor, An-Ti. He created a rotating globe that was a map of the sky and constellations. He […]

Patch Management

Patch Management is a critical part of security.


Inventory is one of the earliest processes in the System Development Life Cyle (SDLC) and also one of the most critical. It is a sub-process of both the System Characterization process and the Configuration Management process and the output from it either directly feeds many other processes or has significant influence over them. An accurate […]

Initiation Phase

Initiation Phase

This is where the need and purpose for the information system is defined and documented. This includes System Characterization and the beginnings of Risk Assessment.