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A bug in the OpenSSL protocol that encrypts and protects our web page logins and passwords has been discovered and was announced on April 7, 2014. Web servers are being patched rapidly to close this hole. But in the meantime, our passwords and other important credentials (certificates and keys) may have been revealed. The vulnerability […]

Mind Control Interface

Researchers at the University of Minnesota demonstrate a non-invasive mind control interface. Monitoring of brain waves generated by specific thought patterns can be translated into software control impulses. In this case, they are used to control a flying drone, but the applications are endless. Mind Over Mechanics – [] In a jaw-dropping feat of engineering, […]

Shodan – Hackers Search Engine

Shodan is a hackers search engine that can help you find any device connected to the internet. Shodan: Search Engine for Hackers – [] Shodan has been getting a lot of publicity lately as a “scary” search engine that can be used to facilitate hacking. Annie explains how the site works, and talks with Shodan […]

TCP/IP for Space

Networking protocols such as TCP/IP allow data packets to be routed across a network using various network pathways and then re-assemble the packets into their original form when they all arrive. But it expects this to happen within a specific timeframe and when delays exceed this limit, the process “times out” and aborts. This works […]

User Network (usenet)

We have just passed a milestone in the history of the internet, as Duke University shut down its Usenet server. The idea for usenet was created in 1979 and it went on to become an instrumental piece of the dramatic story of the growth in use and functionality of the internet and web. UUCP (unix […]

Scalability perspectives

Scalability Perspectives – is a series of posts that highlights the ideas that will shape the next decade of IT architecture. Each post is dedicated to a thought leader of the information age and his vision of the future. Be warned though – the journey into the minds and perspectives of these people requires an […]