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Voice Interface

The idea of generic voice interface control for all computing equipment is not new. But with Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Google Home, we are finally taking a large step in that direction. Nokia has announced they are working on a voice interface called “Viki” and Samsung is also working on a voice based assistant interface. […]

Interacting With Intelligent Software

As our software embeds more human intelligence and more human behavior, we can expect to interact with it in a more human fashion. At one point, in the beginning of computing history, we would write programs on some form of media like punch cards or magnetic tape and then feed the media into computer memory, […]

Mind Control Interface

Researchers at the University of Minnesota demonstrate a non-invasive mind control interface. Monitoring of brain waves generated by specific thought patterns can be translated into software control impulses. In this case, they are used to control a flying drone, but the applications are endless. Mind Over Mechanics – [] In a jaw-dropping feat of engineering, […]

Gesture Sensing Uses Sound

Doppler shifts in ultrasonic sound waves can be used to detect gestures. Soundwave uses this technology to turn conventional speakers and microphones on computers into gesture control interfaces. Gesture Control System Uses Sound Alone – [] While other motion-sensing technologies such as Microsoft’s own Kinect device use cameras to sense and interpret movement and gestures, […]

Mind Control Interface

Mind control interfaces of various types have been under development for some years. Test trials with monkeys have been steadily progressive and now some early trials on humans are beginning. 6 Dec 2000 Monkey controls robotic arm using brain signals sent over Internet – [] Monkeys in North Carolina have remotely operated a robotic arm […]

Navisense iPoint

A motion sensing interface allows users to interact with software using a finger which is “sensed” using ultrasonic ranging. The finger becomes a combination mouse/cursor/drawing device or whatever the software supports. iPoint Technology The iPoint™ is a small motion sensing mouse device which mounts to the keyboard or computer. Alternatively, the device can be […]